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Kebabs are enjoying increasing popularity all over the world. They can be served in the hand as fast food with salad and sauce in bread. But they can also be combined with many side dishes as a delicious one-plate meal.

Anatolia and its traditional cooking are the home of the Döner kebab. Further refined in Europe, it is now popular all over the world. Kebabs have therefore established a firm culinary foothold.

From its production facilities in Germany and Turkey, Dostlar Döner has created an intelligent logistics system for swiftly supplying supermarkets, restaurants and snack bars in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Thanks to a steady increase in technical expertise and improving quality standards, the kebab is staying on course for success. Since it was established in 1999, Dostlar Döner has always attributed top priority to quality, hygiene and flavour. By means of regular investments in innovative production technologies, we have succeeded in retaining our market share among leading kebab producers.

We supply our kebab skewers to restaurants and snack bars - primarily in Europe and Asia. Since establishing Dostlar Convenience Food GmbH, our Dostlar Convenience Kebabs are available from supermarkets and cash & carry stores to be enjoyed in your very own home.

The Dostlar Group avails of a first-class international distribution network which guarantees reliable suppy structures.

Dostlar GmbH Dönerproduktion is a specialist company which reacts to innovations and trends in the constantly developing kebab sector, picking up on them and taking the appropriate action. This dynamism enables us to retain our successful course.

We would like to thank all of our customers for choosing Dostlar Döner.

About us

Dostlar Group

15000 tonnes

Annual production capacity

Germany & Turkey


100% Premium


Extensive distribution network

Own international brand

Dostlar Group

Dostlar Döner Produktion GmbH
Dostlar Convenience Food GmbH
Fresh&Frozen Logistics GmbH
DST Gıda Limited Şirketi

About us

From the very start, Dostlar Döner has always attributed a particular focus to quality and flavour. Via our international distribution network, we supply our frozen kebab skewers throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. By establishing Dostlar Convenience Food GmbH, we have extended our product range to include convenient, traditionally...

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Dostlar Doner Halal Certified
Dostlar Doner Haccp Certified
Dostlar Doner Ifs Certified
Dostlar Doner Product Certified
Dostlar Doner Product Certified


  E-mail: info (@) dostlar.eu

  +49 (0) 6821 / 86 92 6 -0

  +49 (0) 6821 / 86 92 6 -20

  Handelsregister HRB 13125 Amtsgericht Saarbrücken USt.-IdNr.: DE 812746414

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